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our studio

We are a studio created by the artist and architect Bianca Paladini in 2018, with the aim of promoting and  commercialize  her watercolor works.

Although we are a new studio, our commitment to customers is of great importance; We want, above all, that people can use our products to beautify their lives and make their homes truly reflect your personality.

our artist

Bianca Paladini is a self-taught artist focused on watercolor paintings. Born in Laranjal Paulista, she graduated as an architect at the State University of Campinas, where her interest in the arts began, creating images and paintings using different techniques to complement her architectural projects.


In December 2018, she was invited to exhibit her paintings  at the All Arts IV collective  from Andreus Galeria, in São Paulo.


Over the years we have created several paintings for the most varied purposes, including studies of techniques and anatomy drawings,  orders for close friends and customers, and as part of the  personal collection. Each painting was made with a purpose of its own, but all reflect the artist's affection and dedication.

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